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Do you live on your own and at times are a little concerned about what might happen if you were involved in an accident or emergency in the home and unable to alert a friend or relative?

Do you have a person in your life that you care about and lives on their own? Perhaps an elderly relative or the remaining parent after the death of your mother or father?

Could there be someone close to you who is a little unstable on their feet and you are worried about them getting into difficulty?

Have you ever wished you could have some sort of system that would alert you if your loved ones were in need of help?

Well now there is something that can help put your mind at rest.

Home Innovation installs Control4 systems that have the functionality to monitor your loved ones movements and can alert you if pre-set triggers are fired, these triggers can be set up and tweaked by you to enable you to get the most out of the system.

For example, pressure pads can be placed under a mattress or comfortable chair that can alert you if the system senses that the person remains in bed after a certain time in the morning. It can check if the bedroom cabinet has not been opened at times when tablets should be taken or if an external door has been opened and closed, followed by no movement in the home, and a window has been left open. If you are worried that there is a danger of a bath or sink overflowing, a sensor could be placed in the bathroom or kitchen to sense if the floor becomes wet. Heat and smoke detectors can be installed that will alert you if they are triggered, and CCTV cameras can be installed in non-private rooms to allow you 'look-in' and check if there is any danger, or to visually check on your loved one.

These same sensors could also be used to switch lights on to a low-level during the night to perhaps light a way to the bathroom if movement is detected, and then switch the lights off after a determined period when movement is no longer being detected.

A basic system that would include movement detectors, contact sensors and pressure pads can be installed for as little as £1500.

Please contact us if you are interested or would like more details.