Home Theatre

All your media in one place.

Home theatre and and whole home music systems turns your home into an entertainment centre.

Use your Control4 System Remote integrated with any standard DVD changer to browse the cover art of your entire DVD collection and select your favourite movie.

A Control4 Home Theatre Controller automatically sets all your audio and video components to play a DVD, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.

Create the perfect mood by playing your favourite music playlist over the entire house or in just one room. The Control4 Media Controller stores thousands of tunes and makes it possible to play different music in different rooms in the house.

Use your Control4 touch screen or remote control to play music from multiple sources, including your MP3 player, CD player, computer, and more.

A simple on-screen menu makes it easy to browse and select music, movies, temperature, lights and more to create the perfect ambience to either watch a movie or simply listen to your favourite music.

System Remote Control


With its sleek, compact design and its ability to control any automated function in the home, the System Remote Control liberates homeowners from their cluttered and confusing collection of remote controls.

• Biderectional communication
• Anywhere control, anything control
• Easy to use